My Top Ten Pump Up Hardcore Songs

These songs, from the first to last note, completely throw it down. They burst through with a crisp, powerful opening, and carry that same energy throughout the whole song. No interludes, no soft parts. Just pure jamming. There’s no skippin’ the song, no thinking, “I can’t wait until it get to my favorite part,” because every single second is your new favorite. They are extremely repeatable, for weeks after they’re released to years since you’ve heard the song. For that reason, most of these songs are more than five years old, bar exceptional cases. They gave and give me power throughout some of the tougher days.

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Life In Your Way – The Kingdom of God Is For…

Everyone. Not a single person is excluded when they claim Jesus as God, accept their sin and ask for forgiveness, and dedicate their life to grow in a relationship with God. I’ve been told by some that they don’t feel worthy to be called God’s children. That their life choices had somehow forever erased any possible relationship with the Creator. Which is only true about us not being worthy of God’s calling. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) What’s important to remember is God loves us anyways. Continue reading

95% of People You Interact With Are (Un)wittingly Chipping at Your Dreams

Have you ever had an idea you couldn’t get off your mind? One that keeps you up at night, wondering when you’ll have the chance to pull it off? And you can’t wait to get it off your chest to the next person you see, whether it be at the office or at the street-side hot dog stand? When I have revealed something about myself that I am very fond of, whether it be a hobby, goal I wish to reach, or personality quirk, I’ve been shot down numerous times. It’s been a long and tedious process for me to learn that not everyone around you deserves to know of your highest ambitions. Why? Because, dreams are hard to obtain, otherwise we wouldn’t be so awestruck by the very thought of them. And as people fail to achieve their own, they assume that others would have the same fate. This is not to say whoever you are talking to intends to stumble you. We are all in different seasons of life, and when we see others on the hill, it’s tempting to try to trip them towards our valley. And sometimes, it will be well-deserved for anyone to raise a red flag if you haven’t even done the research to know what you’re talking about. But dreams are by definition “out there”, and sometimes have never been done before. Which, by definition, is what makes their eventual success so breathtaking and inspiring. Continue reading

Scientists in the “Jack of All Trades, Masters of Many” Era

As I’m growing up and advancing to higher levels of education, I’ve learned a great deal of knowledge, both in immense depth and breadth. Many fields I have garnered profound interest, but soon learned it was necessary to choose a narrow path to specialize. I thought, “It’s a shame I have to pick such a narrow topic of study when there is so much else to explore!” But this is the reality of our times. There is a great deal already discovered, and it is becoming ever more impossible to be cross-trained proficiently to contribute on the edge of our scientific knowledge in multiple fields. This makes it all the more fascinating to examine the  scientists who knew no boundaries in their careers. Continue reading

Opportunity Cost: Basic Economics Everyone Should Know

Photo taken from Northern Illinois University's gallery of Economic Concept Poster Contests.

Photo taken from Northern Illinois University’s gallery of Economic Concept Poster Contests.

I’m heading over to my potential future apartment to evaluate its qualities against its price. I pass by the new Dunkin’ Donuts in town (my new weakness…) and am presented with the opportunity to grab a latte. It seems a little awkward at first… I don’t want to come off as the “need a late afternoon pick-me-up” guy. But it’s better than walking around with my hands in my pockets, strolling around the kitchen without a chance to fill in the pauses of the conversation. I do know the person that’s showing the apartment to me, but not extremely well.  He may even ask me why I didn’t pick one up for him. Speaking of which, do I even have the cash on me for one? Sure, anyone takes a card nowadays, but it’s always in the back of my mind that they hardly break even when you spend less than $3 using a credit card due to processing fees. With so many factors to consider, how is it possible for someone to make the most informed, rational decision that will bring the most benefit and joy?

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